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XXXXL Banners / Scaffolding Wraps / Building Hoardings

  • £400.00

Can YOU imagine buying Printed Mesh for £10 per square metre?

Crazy but true at Signsaver!

Scaffolding Wraps are widely employed in the construction industry to cover scaffolding and construction sites.

The graphics sometimes depict an image of what the finished development will look like, or can be used for revenue generation via advertising.  Scaffolding wraps can turn what would be an eyesore into a stunning graphical feature.

Our printed Mesh PVC XXXXL Banners are unbeatable for quality and value and our product has recieved full EU Fire certification.

XXXXL banners are printed in print lengths, which are then high-frequency-welded together. From widths of ten metres onwards, a retention strip (5 cm wide) with retention points (every 18 cm) is applied to fasten the banner. This strip is always welded vertically, running from top to bottom, onto the motif seams. For widths of twelve metres and over, three retention strips are added; for widths of 20 metres, four are added. Please note that the welded seams are visible in the motif when using mesh material.


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