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Stencil Cut & Illuminated Sign Trays

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CNC cut trays to produce stunning, versatile designs

Stencil cut trays or fret cut sign trays are manufactured by using CNC cutting technology, first we cut all the customers artwork out of the sign tray and then machine the edges with the corners notched out of the face material. The corners are then welded and dress depending on their application.

  • High strength and corrosion resistant
  • RAL or Pantone Colours to colour match
  • Fabricated from aluminium and 304 & 316 grade stainless steel
  • Bespoke tray sizes, shapes and colour options available on request
  • Inlays & push-throughs, 10mm & 15mm clear/opal acrylic for raised lettering
  • Stencil cut sign trays can be fabricated and assembled to meet deadlines
  • Vinyl or acrylic to the faces for versatile illuminated colour options and edge illumination
Once we have made the face we produce an aluminium back-tray that fits inside the back of the stencil cut sign tray or fret cut sign tray. We then use LED technology to internally light the face of the sign tray system, illuminating the stencil cut or fret cut part of the sign tray.


We use acrylic backers which are stud welded and bonded into place inside the sign trays, the return depth of the sign tray is important here to allow the lighting technology distance to disburse the light emitted before it hits the acrylic backer or spotting or stripping can occur.

We can also use LED light sheet technology to enable a slim return where needed on illuminated sign trays.

We have the technology and skilled labour to make sign trays in any shape or design. You send us the cut file and we will fabricate the sign tray to your specification.

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