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42mm Mitred Aluminium Secure Snapframe Poster Case

  • £36.29

The strongest grip will struggle to prise open our Security Snapframes. However using our special opening tool (sold separately), you’ll find changing posters becomes a quick and painless task.

  • Easily opened by our hand held opening tool (available separately).
  • Posters are kept safe and secure, making them ideal for those spaces at risk of unwanted tampering (schools, reception areas etc.).
  • Supplied with anti-glare poster cover sheets for clear poster display.
  • Pre-drilled and individually boxed with screws and wall plugs.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with improved water resistance.
  • Silver anodised finish as standard.


Poster Size

Display Area (mm)

O/A Dimensions (mm)

Weight (kg)


800 x 1148

884 x 1232


30” x 40”

721 x 975

805 x 1059


40” X 60”

975 x 1483

1059 x 1567


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